UH BRAIN Faculty Meeting

 UH BRAIN Faculty met on November 19, 2021 at Faculty Café, located on the Ezekiel W. Cullen Building Ground Level Room 31 – University of Houston

UH BRAIN Center started an initiative at University of Houston for breakfast meetings in which faculty conduct brainstorming for new research ideas, while promoting faculty collaboration and team building.

UH BRAIN Director Prof. Contreras-Vidal welcomed the participants and presented the following agenda:


  • New members
  • Recruiting industry members to support your research
  • Type of Membership
  • Benefits and Responsibilities of industry members
  • Logistical support provided by BRAIN Center
  • Contacting industry
  • Grant opportunities for BRAIN faculty
  • Center grants
  • Training grants
  • Supplements
  • Phase II
  • How to get involved
  • BRAIN faculty Retreat (Spring)

Picture- From left to right; Jenny Fula (Program Manager), new faculty member  Prof. Heather Dial (Assistant Professor Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders),  Prof. Luca Pollonini (Associate Professor  Department of Computer Engineering Technology and Computational Health Informatics), Prof. Jose Contreras- Vidal ( UH BRAIN Director),  Prof. David Mayerich (Associate Professor Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering), new faculty member Prof. Ioannis Pavlidis (Associate Professor Department of Computer Science),  Prof. Jeff Feng (Associate Professor Department of Industrial Design) and  Prof. Ana Medrano (Instructional Professor Department of Biology and Biochemistry).