Facilities, Equipment and Software

The summary of Center Facilities provides a comprehensive listing of the facilities that support the BRAIN Center research mission and broader impacts agenda. Altogether, 44 laboratories and research groups across the domestic and international Sites make up the center infrastructure across the research thrusts. ASU contributes 15 research facilities, UH contributes 21 research facilities, UMH and TEC contribute with 5 and 3 research facilities, respectively. All of these facilities are well supplied with equipment appropriate for neurotechnology research, and many have embedded technical and administrative support.

Research Thrusts

University of Houston

Research Thrusts

Arizona State University

Research Thrusts

Universidad Miguel Hernandez

Research Thrusts

Tecnoligico de Monterrey University

PI: Marco Santello


Neural Control Movement Laboratory (ASU)

PI: Jose Contreras-Vidal

Noninvasive Brain Machine Interface Systems Laboratory (UH)

PI : Pranav Parikh

Center for Neuromotor and Biomechanics Research From Human Sensorimotor Neuroscience to Rehabilitation (UH)

PI: Ramana Vinjamuri

Sensorimotor Control Lab (UMBC)

PI: Jose Azorin

Brain-Machine Interface Systems Lab (UMH)

PI: Jorge Lozoya- Santos

Biometrics Systems /Robotics Lab (TEC)

PI: Charles Layne

Center for Neuromotor and Biometrics Research (UH)

PI: Francisco Robles

Lab Materials Technology Group (UH)

PI: David Mayerich

STIM Laboratory Scalable Tissue Imaging and Modeling (UH)

PI: Luca Pollonini

Optical BioImaging (UH)

PI: Rose Faghih

Computational Medicine Laboratory (UH)

PI: Jose Contreras-Vidal

NonInvasive BMI Systems & Neurorobotics Laboratory (UH)

PI: Stacey Gorniak

Center for Neuromotor and Biomechanics Research (UH)

PI: Jose Contreras Vidal

NonInvasive BMI Systems(UH)

PI: Jose Contreras-Vidal

Neurorobotics Laboratory (UH)