In addition to its research initiatives, BRAIN will also focus on workforce development through training and education of (a) technical and scientific visionaries who will lead industry driven neurotechnology initiatives, (b) R&D managers who can execute the technical vision, (c) engineers who can analyze, design, and maintain neurotechnologies and understand their broader environmental and social impacts, and (d) future educators in neurotechnology innovation. BRAIN Site Directors will closely interact with the Academic Advisory Board (AAB) to develop an Entrepreneurship Program across institutions that will target from pre-college students to postdoctoral fellows and Center’s faculty. The BRAIN Center’s academic goals are to:

Create a continuous pipeline of engineering education from K-12 through postdoctoral studies

Enhance interactions among faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students

Provide active supervision and feedback at all levels

Introduce undergraduate students to research

Prepare graduate students for careers in academia and industry

Broaden the training of participants at all levels and to encourage them to continue to the next level of an engineering career while developing international leadership in the field

Attract high school students to careers in engineering

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