The BRAIN Center will leverage engineering, neuroscience, and innovation ecosystems, and will be structured specifically to advance training of students and mentoring of postdoctoral and graduate fellows.

All of our sites are fully committed to diversity in research and education and have established programs for promoting institutional initiatives in support of these goals. The Center will foster relationships with these programs, enhancing access of underrepresented students and faculty in our research. The Center will enhance the institutional infrastructures improving our capabilities for research that will have a substantive impact on education, training, technological development and deployment of innovative neurotechnologies.

Moreover, the BRAIN Center will contribute to the local, regional and national economies, be an attractor for innovation start-ups and bridge with local and state entrepreneurial and accelerator sites. Importantly, the Center will also work closely with regulatory agencies to help develop basic regulatory science in support of translation of emergent neurotechnologies to the end users (see letter of interest from the FDA in the Supplementary Documents).

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