Each institution will communicate with the Education/Outreach coordinator to evaluate education plans and impact on the participants. The Education/Outreach coordinator will gather assessment data and conduct internal reviews semi-annually in cooperation with the AAB. The AAB will assemble the assessment data annually and plan an annual assessment meeting for all participants. The Evaluator will participate in completing longitudinal data analysis using the annual assessment data from each partner university. Evaluation will be conducted via the Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model which measures four dimensions of the impact on students:

What students thought and felt about the training

The resulting increase in knowledge or capability

The extent of behavior and capability improvement

The impact on the institution resulting from the trainee performance

The AAB will evaluate participants with respect to each of the four dimensions. BRAIN will conduct surveys at the beginning and end of each semester, interviews after each semester, and surveys after implementing each new program. Each BRAIN Director will work closely with the AAB to develop the assessment instruments for all institutions. The AAB will disseminate program information and evaluation results. BRAIN’s graduates will be engaged through their continued career development and asked to share their professional skills and expertise with the Center’s mission and activities. Finally, students engaged in Brain Center activities will also participate in a mandatory course on Ethics in Science and Engineering.

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