Current Projects

Projects funded in 2023


Noninvasive Brain Compliance in Traumatic Brain Injury Patients with Disorders of Consciousness.

Project Leaders: M LaPlaca (GT), M Wang (GT), D Backus (GT)

Human Digital Twin Platform: Real-time physiological and human performance monitoring.

Project Leader: M Santello (ASU), A Coza (ASU), M Farzam (Inhance Digital)

ProgNEUSTIM: Programmable Instrument for NEUral STimulation and IMaging.

Project Leaders: L. Pollonini (UH), B. Tamber-Rosenau (UH), Manfred Jaschke (Brain Products), Shridar Madala (Indus Instruments)

Neural Surface Interface Technology and Applications.

Project Leaders: P. Konrad (WVU), R. Sharma (WVU), B. Rapoport, C. Mermel (Precision Neuroscience), J. Contreras-Vidal (UH)

P-LEGS Exo Suit: A Soft Flexible Pediatric NeuroExo for Diagnostic, Assistance and Rehabilitation of Gait.

Project Leaders:  J Contreras-Vidal (UH), G. Francisco (TIRR)

Longitudinal Electrophysiological Studies of DBS in Patients with Chronic Pain.

Project Leaders: B. Greger (ASU), Z. Mirzadeh (Barrow Neurological Institute)

Personalized Neuromodulation-based Intervention for Treatment of Balance Disorders in the Elderly.

Project Leaders: P Parikh (UH), I Weinberg (Weinberg Medical Physics), J Contreras-Vidal (UH)

Biosensor using Graphene nanotubes and piezoresistive properties on wearable sensors to measure gait and posture and physical and mental stresses.

Project Leaders: T Lockhart (ASU), M Jacofsky (HOPCo)

Developing Fall Detection Tools for Usage in Senior Living Facilities.

Project Leaders: T Lockhart (ASU), E Luster (Movement Interactive)