Wenlong Zhang


Assistant professor
Ira A. Fulton Schoosl f Engineering
Polytechnic School
Arizona State University

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Dr. Wenlong Zhang is an assistant professor in the School of Manufacturing Systems and Networks at Arizona State University. Dr. Zhang is highly motivated to solve the nation’s critical medical needs and enable independent living with Advanced Robotics and Artificial intelligence technologies. His lab has been developing wearable robotic exoskeletons and soft robotic exosuits to facilitate neurorehabilitation and assist in activities of daily living. Dr. Zhang is also interested in developing data-driven learning and control algorithms for wearable robots to intelligently adjust their assistance based on real-time measurements from the users.


  • Dynamic system analysis

  • Modeling and control

  • Design and control of large-scale and/or human-involved cyber-physical systems, with applications in gait analysis and rehabilitation, collaborative robotics and advanced manufacturing