Raúl Reina


Full Professor
President Elect of the European Federation of Adapted Physical Activity. Co-Founder and Secretary of the Spanish Association in Adapted Physical Activity and Para-sports

Faculty website https://www.cid-umh.es/
Lab Motor Control and Learning Lab. https://motorcontrol.edu.umh.es/en/


Raúl Reina, PhD, is Full Professor of Adapted Physical Activity in the bachelors on Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and Occupational Therapy, and Vice-Rector on Inclusion, Sustainability and Sports of UMH. He is also Classification Director of the International Cerebral Palsy Football Federation, International Classification for World Para Athletics, and Director of the Classification Commission of the Spanish Paralympic Committee. His research interest is focused on classification in para-sports for exploring the relationships between physical impairments and activity limitation when performing sports skills to develop evidence-based and sport-specific classification systems.


Inclusion, Para-sport, Adapted Physical Activity, Paralympic Sports