Pablo Asencio Vicedo


Predoctoral Researcher in Sports Science
 *Doctoral candidate in Sports and Health

Student website www.awsportscience.com
Student’s host Lab Motor Control Laboratory, in the Sports Research Centre of the Miguel Hernandez University http://motorcontrol.edu.umh.es/


I am a graduated in Sports Sciences, with two master degrees in Performance Training and Strength Training. Currently, I continue learning about resistance training with my doctoral thesis and other formations. I am a strength and conditioning coach since 2014, and nowadays I have my own sport center, a place where I give my advice to athletes to improve their performance. I have always wanted to combine the research field with practice, which is why I have also communicated about strength and physical conditioning in congresses and conferences.


  • Graduate in Sports Science Degree (Miguel Hernández University, 2014-2018)
  • Master in Sports Performance and Health (Miguel Hernández University, 2018-2019)
  • Master in Strength Training (University of Murcia, 2019-2020)