M. Carmen Acosta


Full Professor
Ocular Neurobiology Group at the Institute for Neuroscience, UMH-CSIC
Physiology Department
Miguel Hernández University

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Dra. Acosta was born in Alicante (Spain) in 1972. She holds a degree in Biological Sciences from the Universidad de Alicante in 1994 and a PhD in Neuroscience from Universidad Miguel Hernández (UMH) in 1999. Since her PhD, her scientific career has been related to the research of the sensory nerve activity. Her relevant contributions are the description of the contribution of the different types of sensory receptors to the sensations evoked from the ocular surface and its role in basal and reflex tearing and blinking; the study of the alteration of sensory nerve activity and ocular sensitivity during aging, pathologies, nerve regeneration and under the effect of different drugs.


  • Sensory inflow associated to pain and dryness sensations originated at the ocular surface (OS).
  • Peripheral sensory mechanisms involved in wetness detection, and their opto-pharmacological control.
  • Plasticity and changes of OS sensory nerves following injury, disease and ageing. – Artificial corneas allowing cell and nerve regeneration.