Jenny Fula Torrijos


BRAIN Workforce Development

Director of  Communications at Consular Corps of Houston

Director Communications at Houston Gateway of the Americas

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Jenny is an industrial engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of international and domestic commercial trade, project management, procurement, business, networking, marketing, communications, recruiting, research, medical data analysis, journalism, web design, and web management.

Furthermore, she has been working with organizations and individuals to achieve their goals of successfully entering U.S. markets. Jenny primarily deals with upper-level leaders of many different corporations as well as governmental representatives from Texas and abroad. Jenny has been involved with the Houston Gateway of The Americas since 2015, where the goal is to work and maintain various projects that generate business opportunities in varying fields. These programs embody a new model for Texas that often promotes investment, seminars, and trade missions among local and international communities. Parallel to Houston Gateway of the Americas she has been working with programs for the Panama Business Council such us Panama Beautiful and the Texas Triangle Panama Trade Mission to Texas, and to Panama.

She also works with the Consular Corps of Houston as Director of Communications, where she could help develop effective communications for the Consular officials, and its members. Jenny  is a board member of the Casa Cultural de las Americas.

Jenny believes in promoting and helping the communities. She is always looking for projects and foundations that can generate better results in education, art, business, health among others.


  • Project Management
  • Educational Program Opportunities
  • Community Engagement Investment
  • Diversity Engagement