Fernando García Aguilar


Predoctoral Researcher in Sports Science
    *Doctoral candidate in Sports and Health
Student’s host Lab Motor Control Laboratory, in the Sports Research Centre of the Miguel Hernandez University http://motorcontrol.edu.umh.es/


I am a graduated in Sports Science, with a master’s degree in Sports Performance and Health. Currently, I am starting my PhD in the field of research in sports and physical activity, with special interest in strength training and non-linear tools applied to train. My main sports interests are contact sports, especially boxing, in which I have competed at the national level. Nowadays, I am a coach in boxing and strength training but I am also a physical trainer on performance and health. One of my objectives is to provide knowledge for combat sports.


  • Graduate in Sports Science Degree (Miguel Hernández University, 2015-2019)
  • Master in Sports Performance and Health (Miguel Hernández University, 2019-2020)