David Isaac Ibarra Zarate


Research professor

Additional Information:


David Ibarra received the B.S. degree in Electrical and Communications Engineering from the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (Mexico City) in 2006. M.S. degree in Acoustics Engineering and Ph.D. degree in Acoustics from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid-CSIC (Spain) were received in 2010 and 2013, respectively. Currently, DIZ is a Research Professor of the National School of Engineering and Sciences at Tecnológico de Monterrey. His teaching and research areas include environmental acoustics, noise control and vibrations, signal processing, room acoustics, audio systems, and electroacoustic systems, Neuroacoustics. One of his most important project is the one related to acoustic therapies for treatment neurological diseases.


  • Neuroengineering
  • Neuroacoustics