Charles Layne



College of Liberal Arts and Social Studies
Department of Health and Human Performance
University of Houston

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A unique aspect of the Department of Health and Human Performance is its compositionof professors and instructors from a variety of health-related fields. Spanning the rangefrom public health to bench science, the faculty possess a blend of expertise that isreflected not only in its integrated research endeavors but also in the department’s degreeprograms. Having already used Second Life extensively in his KIN 4315 MotorLearning and Control class, Dr. Layne sought a methodology that would capitalize on theintegrative nature of the HHP curriculum as well as expose students to new technologiesthat are increasingly being used to promote learning. It was the vision of students fromdifferent curriculum areas bring their specialized knowledge sets to a virtual team settingto create an integrated final project related to an important health-related topic that Dr.Layne spoke to his colleagues about. Once our original VITAL team of professors wasformed, Dr. Layne worked extensively with Anne Ogborn to develop the basicinfrastructure of the HHP Second Life Island that ‘physically’ supports VITAL. Thefinal presentation ‘coliseum’, structured group meeting areas, a Second Life skillslearning path, and centers containing both PowerPoint presentations and videos of previous semesters’ VITAL student presentations are all examples of the supportiveSecond Life VITAL infrastructure. Dr. Layne’s students have served as both teammembers and team leads over the past several years of VITAL and he continues to work with the VITAL team to make conceptual and practical improvements in the VITALproject


  • Human motor  coordination
  • Somatosensory input on muscle contraction