MyActome in-kind membership

We are excited to announce our partnership with MyACTome™, an innovative smartphone-based software solution that provides personalized fall risk assessment and monitoring. As an in-kind partner, MyACTome™ is offering the use of their app/software to support up to five researchers within the center with a combined total subject population of up to 50.

MyACTome™ offers four assessments that evaluate postural and dynamic stability, gait speed, and timed up and go, providing valuable data about an individual’s balance, stability, and fall risk. The app utilizes the smartphone’s accelerometers and proprietary algorithms to track baseline movement patterns, record changes over time, and compare them to others in the same age group with known health statuses.

The app’s data can be shared with a clinical care team through the MyACTome™ administrative web portal, allowing for scheduling assessments, monitoring compliance, and reviewing historical data. MyACTome™ is beneficial for both individuals who want to monitor their fall risk and for clinicians who want to evaluate their patient’s progress toward better health.

We encourage all interested researchers within the center to take advantage of this unique opportunity and explore how MyACTome™ can support their research initiatives. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

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