This thrust focuses on the development of innovative devices that interface with the human nervous system to provide stimulation and encoding for sensory repair or replacement, recording and decoding of neural activity to enable motor interactions with the environment, or devices, which promote neural repair and plasticity.

Aaron T. Becker
Adam Thrasher
Bradley Greger
Javier Cardenas
Beom-Chan Lee
Charles Layne
Elham Morshedzadeh
Francisco C. Robles Hernandez
Hyunglae Lee
Jeff Feng
Jennifer Blain Christen
Jiming Bao
John Wolfe
Jorge de Jesus Lozoya Santos
Jose Luis Contreras-Vidal
Jose M. Azorín
Michael Goryll
Sandeep Gupta
Vikram Kodibagkar
Wei Shih
Xin Fu