Investigators in this group develop systems and tools for storage of data from activities like clinical trials, healthcare or research in the areas outlined by the other groups. These databases contain a wealth of user (customer), scientific and clinical information relevant to the design, safety, performance and/or quality of medical devices and research tools. Research in this area includes harvesting, validating, organizing and disseminating information in new, proprietary (from member companies) and public data warehouses with the purpose of decision making at the engineering, clinical and regulatory levels. Computational algorithms (big data analytics) are also included in this research area.

Adam Thrasher
Amaury Lendasse
Baoxin Li
May Dongmei Wang
Charles Layne
David Mayerich
Eduardo Iáñez
Elham Morshedzadeh
George Zouridakis
Jose Luis Contreras-Vidal
Jose M. Azorín
Mario Ortiz
Selcuk Candan
Pedro Ponce Cruz
Sandeep Gupta
Saurabh Prasad
Zhu Han