Yoga on the brain

The Brain and Yoga was one of many modules offered as part of a course (NeuroHumanities: Convergent research at the nexus of neuroengineering and the humanities; Course: ECE 5397/6397) where Dr. Jose Contreras-Vidal was the instructor and Akshay Ravindran was the teaching assistant.
“The neurohumanities is an emergent field of study and research that brings together humanists (from the arts, language, ethics, philosophy, social science, and culture) and neuro engineers into dialogue to address some of the most pressing issues in society. This course reviewed approaches, methodologies, and neurotechnologies that can be used to pursue convergent research in the neurohumanities. This course was aimed at students from all areas of humanities and engineering. 
One of the modules was the workshop Yoga, Meditation  and the Brain. These workshops were a collaboration with Andrew Royal Dugas, Andria Dugas, and Lizzy Bosell of Yoga Better Studio, in order to study the effects of yoga on brain activity. It lasted a total of 4 days at The Water Works at Sabine Street. Participants were trained on how to acquire their own brain activity. Then received training on different yogic postures during which each participant collected their brain activity.

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