The BRAIN Center offers path-breaking courses in the ethics and law of biomedical technology development


Human brain interfaces are changing the way we think about prosthetics. Photo courtesy of the project “Your Brain on Art” http://uhbmi.ee.uh.edu/about-minimal.

The University of Houston Law Center has collaborated with UH’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in the UH Cullen College of Engineering to offer a pair of path-breaking courses that enable UH students to experience collaborative, multi‑disciplinary learning in the fast growing area of biomedical technology.

These courses are designed to enable students to think critically about some of the most important biomedical technologies reshaping our world and our humanity. Whether you are a law student and want to learn more about the technology, or a STEM or business student and want to know more about the law influencing these technologies, this course provides a gateway to both while building important analysis and writing skills to augment your career.

The course was developed in collaboration with leading professors and technologists from the BRAIN Center, a partnership in which UH plays a major role: 


The course will examine the legal, societal, and ethical frameworks of technologies such as these:

There are two courses because each has a different emphasis area within the process of developing biotechnology.

The brief overview of each course below supports links to course listings on the UH Law Center’s web pages that provide additional detail. The table below gives an overarching label for each course because they are designed to work together. Either or both may be taken, the overlap is minimal. The intention is that one is taught each year in a classroom at the UH Law Center. No special expertise in science, engineering, or law is required. The emphasis is to look for common ground and together conceive solutions for some of society’s most pressing problems.