Carla Caballero Sánchez


Assistant Professor
Fellow of the Spanish Association of Sport Sciences

Faculty website https://www.cid-umh.es/
Lab Motor Control and Learning Lab. https://motorcontrol.edu.umh.es/en/


I studied a Sport Science degree at the University of Extremadura and holds a Master’s degree in Sports Performance and Health and a Ph.D. in Sport Science from the Miguel Hernandez University of Elche (UMH). I did two pre-doctoral stays (University of Rouen – CETAPS group, France, and at Sheffield Hallam University – CSRE group, UK). I was a postdoctoral member of the Sensory-Motor Integration Lab, at Rutgers University, USA. Nowadays, I work as an Assistant Professor at the UMH. My research interest lies on studying the functional role of motor variability to improve motor control and learning process.


Motor Control
Motor Learning
Movement variability