UH BRAIN Student Group Announcement

Dear BRAIN Student Group members,

We want to take a moment to welcome you and introduce ourselves. In short, the BRAIN Student Group is group of graduate and undergraduate students primarily associated with research groups working in the BRAIN Center at UH.

Our Missions are to:

Foster the spirit of collaboration, networking, and membership engagement in the Houston area.

  1. Foster the spirit of collaboration, networking, and membership engagement in the Houston area.
  2. Connect students, professors, and industry leaders through social and academic events for personal and professional development.
  3. Uphold the BRAIN Center’s mission to developing safe, effective and affordable personalized neuro-technologies by supporting innovative interdisciplinary research.

Leading Officers

This year (2021), we have had the following leading officers serving the organization:

  • President: Faheem Ershad
  • Vice President: Md Rafiul Amin
  • Secretary: Alexander (Alex) Craik
  • Treasurer: Akshay Ravindran
  • Social Media Director: Yitong Lu



                                 Meet the student group Click Here

Spring 2022-Fall 2022

Open positions for new officer roles- December 15th, 2021

With the year nearing closer to the end and the natural graduation cycles reoccurring, we’d like to encourage any members interested in taking on the following officer roles to reach out to us, specifically for the next year (Spring 2022-Fall 2022). Brief descriptions are provided below for each role, but you may reach out to us for more details:

    • President: To serve as the representative, execute orders, and delegate responsibilities of the organization.
    • Vice President: To facilitate the roles of the other officers and assist the president.
    • Secretary: To prepare agendas and to record minutes of meetings of this organization.
    • Treasurer: Keep accurate records of the financial status and transactions of this organization.
    • Social Media Director: Promote events through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Accounts.
    • Communications Director: Reach out to different departments/institutions to inform them of upcoming events. Facilitate communication with potential guests for events.
    • Student Relations Director: Manage the membership list and update point of contacts from labs.

Please send us an email to brainsg@central.uh.edu  with your name, classification (undergrad/masters/PhD and which year you are currently in), CV/resume (any leadership experience is a bonus), and which officer position(s) you are interested in. 

Keep an eye out for emails from us in the coming weeks! We will be hosting a career panel event soon.

UH BRAIN Group Events


To inform of you of the variety of past events that we have hosted or shared, below is a list with a short description of each event (note that not all events have been listed):


Panel discussions

Hosted current UH graduate students to talk about the not so often discussed things to consider when starting in a PhD program, followed by Q&A session

Neurohumanities workshops

Participants used mobile brain-body imaging (MoBI) while exploring Color Field art exhibit
  • Things you wish you knew when you started your Ph.D.
    • Date: April 2021
    • Summary: BRAIN student group hosted 4 panelists of current UH PhD candidates. The aim behind this event is to encourage those who are about to enter or have recently entered the Ph.D. program to seek guidance from more senior students who have experienced the challenges of balancing research, courses, work, and home lives.


  • Career Transition Event Panel
    • Date: November 2020
    • Summary: BRAIN student group hosted 4 panelists of UH Alumni. The aim behind this event is to raise awareness for the prospective graduate students about the opportunities and constraints present in different career paths, knowing the steps needed to be taken and the tentative timelines to apply.  Our panelists are alumni of the University of Houston who have taken roles in both industry as well as academia.


  • UH BMIST Workshops
    • Date: June-July 2020
    • Summary: BRAIN student group mentors involved several high school, undergraduate, and graduate students in a series of virtual exercises related to understanding and processing of neural data.


  • IEEE Brain Virtual Conference Watch Party
    • Date: November 2019
    • Summary: BRAIN student group hosted a watch party for the IEEE Brain Virtual Conference.


  • Enventure Healthcare Innovation Event
    • Date: October 2019
    • Summary: The BRAIN student group notified its members about a potential opportunity to get industry experience by working for the nonprofit Enventure. Enventure is a non-profit that is run by students (mostly PhD, MD, MBA and other graduate programs) which aims to help local people interested in life-sciences entrepreneurship.


  • BRAIN REU Poster Session
    • Date: July 2019
    • Summary: BRAIN student group mentors had undergraduate mentees working on projects in the lab over summer 2019 and the mentees presented their work at the poster session.


  • NSF GRFP Writing Workshop
    • Date: April 2019
    • Summary: BRAIN student group members co-hosted with the Peer Writing Group from the college of NSM to educate students about the key portions of the NSF GRFP workshop.