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REM for high school students and STEM teachers

Research Experience and Mentoring in Neurotechnology at the BRAIN Center, University of Houston.

K12 STEM Educators and incoming 9th-12th graders:


Join the exciting world of neuro-technology  research 

Apply for the 2023 Research Experience & Mentoring (REM) opportunity at the NSF IUCRC BRAIN Center!
Applications accepted March 9th,2023 – April 7th,2023. Selections will be completed by the last week of April.


What is it:
The IUCRC BRAIN Center will match selected participants with a neurotechnology research lab at the University of Houston. There the participants will spend 6 weeks doing in-person research. In addition, participants will receive professional development training, extended mentoring throughout the academic year, conference participation (travel costs covered), and potentially be included in published literature from the project they work on. For full participation, students will be compensated $3,000, STEM teachers $8,000.

Who may apply:
Those going into 9th – 12th grade or K-12 STEM educators interested in Engineering (Biomedical, Computer, Electrical, or Mechanical), Computer Science, Math, or STEM Education & Learning.

Students must have a min GPA of 3.0 (can be waived under special circumstances), a recommendation letter, and a strong interest in STEM research!

Where does it happen:
There will be 6 weeks of on-campus at University of Houston’s Main Campus (a bus will be available to participants from CCISD; all others need to provide own transportation to UH) and joining the February 2024 Emerging Researchers Conference in DC, with  additional remote participation.


  • May 25th, 2023 – June 4th2023 – preliminary introductions and certifications (remote, self-paced)
  • June 5th, 2023 – July 14th,2023 – in-person research participation (on UH campus)
  • July 15th, 2023 – May 1st ,2024 – monthly meeting for continued participation and mentorship. (remote)
  • February 2024 – attend the Emerging Researchers Conference in Washington DC. (travel paid by grant)


Topics include: Neurotechnology, Brain Computer Interface, Neuromodulation, Exoskeletons, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, Neurotherapy, Art Therapy, and Team Science.

Below are some of the projects available but we welcome your original ideas!

  • Brain Computer Interfaces to help the body move again. 
  • Sex based differences in tissue oxygen use in type 2 diabetes.
  • Looking at brain signals to improve balance in stroke patients.
  • Miniature magnetic robotic swimmers (MMRS) for navigating the brain ventricles.
  • Developing a headset to look at brain signals for sideline concussion assessment for athletes.

For questions, contact REM Program Manager

Registration for this opportunity is found at



Join us and take the first step towards a rewarding career in STEM research. Apply now and discover the possibilities!

NSF Award: 2137255

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