Member Spotlight: Maxine Annel Pacheco Ramírez

Meet Maxine Annel Pacheco Ramírez, an accomplished 8th-semester undergraduate biomedical engineering student at Tec de Monterrey. She has a keen interest in Neuroengineering and has recently completed a research stay at the “Non-invasive Brain-Machine Interface Systems Laboratory, IUCRC Brain”. Maxine was a key contributor to the “Brain On Dance” project and had the opportunity to participate in a conference paper for the 10th International BCI Meeting.
Maxine continues her research work as a member of the “NeuroArts” research team, comprising of students from the BMI lab at UH. Her primary focus is on data analysis, editing, and publication of data descriptors. At the same time, Maxine also serves as the program manager of the “Advanced Learner Assistance System (ALAS)” team under the Brain @ TEC research team. ALAS is responsible for analyzing physiological signals, especially the brain, under various conditions to better understand the brain’s behavior during different activities and test hypotheses and theories for future applications.
Besides her academic pursuits, Maxine enjoys dance and yoga classes and spending time with friends. We are impressed by her dedication to her studies and research and wish her continued success in all her endeavors.